Why MacBook Not Showing Up On AirDrop (2023): Tips and Trick

Airdrops is a very easiest way to transfer file from iPhone to iPad to iMac. But if your MacBook Not Showing Up On AirDrop. So don’t panic please be relaxed because, in this blog post, I will tell you some tips and tricks to resolve the problem of your MacBook Not Showing Up On AirDrop.

First Confirm your Airdrop Issues on the iMac

Check your Mac’s status before beginning troubleshooting. If the Mac does not appear in the AirDrop menu, try another iPhone or iPad. The problem may be with your iPhone if you do see your MacBook. The MacBook is the true culprit if your MacBook doesn’t appear in someone else’s AirDrop list. There are many problems that why MacBook not showing up on AirDrop so, below you will find all the answers to your problems.

Verify the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth status

To send and receive files with the help of AirDrop, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi of both the sender and receiver devices must be turned on. If your MacBook does Not show up On AirDrop on another iPhone, So check your iMac Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that they are on. You do not need to connect an internet connection as AirDrops does not require internet to share files, so just keep Wi-Fi on. 

Do the same as Wi-Fi First, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled. You can do this by clicking on the Bluetooth icon located in the Status menu. Once opened, toggle on Bluetooth to activate it. If you’re unable to locate the Bluetooth icon on your Mac’s menu bar, simply follow these steps for a quick fix. Head over to System Preferences and then select Bluetooth. From there, all you need to do is toggle the option for Turn Bluetooth On, and you’ll be good to go.

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Verify the Discoverability Settings in Airdrop

Below you will find how to verify the discoverability settings in Airdrop:

  • Mac users can access the Control Center by clicking the icon in the top-right corner of the menu bar.
  • Enable AirDrop by clicking the icon.
  • From the same menu, choose Everyone.

How to Disable Focus Mode (DND) on iMac

Apple has introduced an advanced feature called Focus, designed to enhance the Do Not Disturb (DND) with functionality on Mac. However, it’s worth noting that using an active Focus mode may affect the discoverability of AirDrop on your Mac. To resolve this issue and ensure smooth AirDrop operations, it is recommended to disable the Focus mode and give it another try. Rest assured, disabling Focus will help restore seamless AirDrop functionality.

  • First, open the control center on your iMac
  • when you open that you will see Focus mode
  • Now you have to Disable Focus

Bring the Devices Closer to Each Other

AirDrop is an incredibly convenient feature that ensures seamless file transfer even when a shared Wi-Fi network is not accessible. It’s able to achieve this by relying solely on Bluetooth technology to locate nearby devices and swiftly exchange files. When using AirDrop on modern iPhones, keep in mind that Bluetooth has a limited range of approximately 33 feet (10 meters). It’s essential to ensure that the devices you want to transfer files between are within this range, as going beyond it may result in unsuccessful transfers. So be mindful of the distance and ensure successful file sharing with AirDrop.

Limit the Firewall on Your Mac

Below you will find how to increase and limit the firewall on your iMac:

  • To open System Preferences on your Mac, click the Apple icon in the menu bar.
  • Choose Security & Privacy.
  • Use Touch ID to make changes or enter your admin password.
  • Touch Firewall Options.
  • Then block all incoming connections and uncheck the box next to block.
  • Check the box next to Allow the built-in software to find all connections it finds.

Try Turning off your Wi-Fi Hotspot

Unfortunately, when using your iPhone as a personal hotspot, AirDrop functionality is disabled. I know this can be inconvenient, but there is a solution. Simply disable your hotspot temporarily while you are using AirDrop. This will ensure that both functions work smoothly without any disruptions. Once you’re finished sharing files, simply turn your hotspot back on. To do this, open the Settings app and locate the option for Personal Hotspot. At the top of the page, just swipe the button for Allow Others to Join to the left to turn it off. Great news! Your hotspot has been successfully disabled, allowing you to try AirDrop once more. Don’t worry, this time it should work seamlessly without any interruptions. Get ready to effortlessly share your files with just a tap.

What to Do If All the Tips and Tricks Don’t Work?

If you have tried all the tricks and tips and still all these are not working properly, then now you have to restart your device. Because if you have changed some settings on your device then you need to reset, and restart can also fix what is not working properly.

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