Volume Mystery: Why Is My Alarm So Quiet?

In this blog post, we will discuss the most common reasons why is my alarm so quiet, as well as some tips on how to fix the problem. 

Why Is My Alarm So Quiet?

Why Is My Alarm So Quiet: There are two possible reasons why the alarm is silent either the volume is set too low, or you have activated the “do not disturb” feature. There is no correlation between the volume of the media and the alarm because the alarm settings are frequently hidden from the rest. Especially if you used a song, you may have chosen a soft alarm sound.

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How To Fix Your Quiet Alarm

Regardless of the phone you are using, the problems with your alarm are frequently the same. Now that you’re aware of the issue, you need to find a solution to ensure that you never experience this difficulty again. These are the two accepted ways to go through it:

Reboot Your iPhone

It’s normal practice to restart equipment to resolve small issues, and you may try doing the same with your iPhone if the alarm stops working.

You can either hold down the power button on your iPhone until the power-off slider appears, or you can hold down the power button and simultaneously press and hold the volume-down button to restart it. Your iPhone model determines the method you require and where the buttons are located.

Pick a Louder Alarm Sound

You might not hear your iPhone alarm go off if you have one of the quieter alarm sounds selected—especially if the alarm level isn’t very high. Making sure None isn’t selected as the alarm sound for obvious reasons is another thing to be cautious of.

Using the Clock app, adjust the iPhone’s alarm sound. To modify the sound of an alarm, open the Alarm tab, select Edit, and then select the desired alarm. To locate a ringtone or song that you believe will work, go to Sound and preview the selection.

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Delete and Remake the Alarm

It’s possible that the iPhone didn’t set off the alarm properly for whatever reason. Perhaps after an iOS upgrade, there was a bug or incompatibility issue that caused it to cease working for a period.

To delete an alarm, open the Clock app, select the Alarm tab, and then hit the red minus button to find the Delete option. On the Alarm tab screen, you may also delete an alarm by swiping left on it. Using the + button in the top right corner of the Clock app, you may create new iPhone alarms.

Disable or Change the Bedtime Feature

When you set the Wake time to coincide with another alarm, and you have the Bedtime function active on your iPhone, neither alarm will sound. Adjust your regular alarm hour or the Bedtime setting to avoid this silent alarm conflict.

Open Clock on your phone, then select Bedtime from the bottom menu to access the Bedtime options. Bedtime can be turned off here, or you can move the bell symbol to a different hour. Go to the Health app if Bedtime isn’t displayed at the bottom of the screen. In iOS 15, a few sleep-related features were relocated to Health.

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Update Your iPhone Software

You can use iTunes to update your phone when you plug it into your computer or go to Settings> General > Software Update on a wireless phone. Make sure you’re using the most recent firmware version in either case.

Restore Your iPhone to Factory Default Settings

The last resort for resolving an iPhone alarm that won’t go off is to restore your device to factory default settings, which would erase any loaded apps and modifications made since the device was first acquired. Along the way, it ought to resolve any alarm problems as well. Select Reset (Transfer or Reset iPhone in iOS 15) under Settings, then Erase All Content and Settings. Resetting your iPhone to factory defaults erases everything, making it a common solution for software-related problems.

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(Frequently Asked Question) FAQ

Q1. Why is an alarm sound so quiet?

The alarm sound might be quiet due to low volume settings, speaker limitations, or the device being in a distant location. It’s crucial to ensure audible levels to guarantee effective alertness and response.

Q2. Why is my iPhone alarm so quiet even on full volume?

The issue of low iPhone alarm volume despite max volume settings can be due to software glitches, Do Not Disturb mode, or a damaged speaker. Check settings, update software, and if the problem persists, seek technical assistance.

Q3. How do I fix my alarm volume?

To adjust your alarm volume, access your device’s settings, locate the sound or volume section, and modify the alarm volume slider. Test the alarm after adjusting it to ensure it’s at the desired level.

Q4. Why is my alarm volume low Android?

The low alarm volume on Android might be due to settings, media volume affecting alarms, or a software glitch. Adjust the alarm volume in settings, ensure the media volume isn’t low, and consider restarting your device.


Your phone’s settings may be preventing your alarm from going off, which is why it can be muted. Verify that the alarm volume on your phone is loud enough to wake you up and that it is not in quiet mode. Disconnecting your phone from external devices, such as earphones, will also be beneficial.

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