Why is My AirTag beeping? 8 Quick Steps To Fix This

You may keep track of your things with the use of Apple AirTags, which are item trackers. An AirTag lets you know where your things are at all times, whether you attach one to your keys, tuck one in your suitcase, or tuck one inside your wallet. Your iPhone or iPad’s Find My app lets you control their settings and whereabouts.

Why is my AirTag beeping?

You should be aware of the purpose of any beeping or other noises made by your AirTag so that you can put an end to them. Your AirTag may be chirping for a number of different reasons. When your device starts making unexpected noises, it can be quite alarming. Fortunately, there are a few possibilities for why this might be happening.

The AirTag is signaling a lost item

The signal that an AirTag started to help you locate a missing item is the most evident reason why it is beeping. It’s also how another person could be able to assist you in locating your misplaced item. A Good Samaritan can touch their iPhone to the AirTag to record the item as found if it is misplaced somewhere you are not. In some circumstances, this can be your greatest opportunity to locate your lost item. You might discover that you unintentionally enabled tracking. You can use the tracking features of an AirTag you own by using our guide to how AirTags operate.

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The AirTag could be tracking you

 Whether or not its owner activated lost mode, there are safeguards in place to let you know when an AirTag is moving along with you. When your iPhone detects an AirTag traveling alongside you, this will to occur. You can find an unknown AirTag using the Find My app if you suspect it is following you or if your iPhone notifies you that it is doing so. The chime it emits differs from both the standard lost mode sound and the one that plays on its own while an AirTag is following you while you’re moving.

The AirTag is ready for setup

During setup, the final two AirTag chimes can be heard. When an AirTag is prepared for setup, one chime plays, and the other plays when setup is finished. These are some sounds you might hear after purchasing a new AirTag.

Low Battery Level

Your AirTag’s low battery level is one reason it may be beeping. The AirTag will sound an alarm when the battery level falls below a predetermined level to let you know it has to be changed. On your iPhone or iPad, use the Find My app to check the AirTag’s battery life.

Out of Range

 Your AirTag may also be beeping if it is outside of your device’s range. The AirTag connects to your device through Bluetooth, and if the distance between them is too great, the AirTag will beep to alert you that it is out of range. To restore the connection, move nearer to the AirTag.

Lost Connection To Your Device

Your AirTag may beep to let you know that it’s no longer linked if it loses contact with your gadget. If your device’s Bluetooth is off or the AirTag is too far away from your device, this may occur. To reconnect, check your device’s Bluetooth settings and get closer to the AirTag.

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Tagged Item Is Moving Too Fast

 AirTag is designed to track items that are stationary or moving slowly. If the item you’ve tagged with the AirTag is moving too fast, the AirTag might beep to let you know that it’s having trouble tracking the item. If you’ve tagged a moving vehicle or a roving pet, this may occur.

Tagged Item Is Out Of Range

The AirTag may beep to alert you that it has lost connection if the object you’ve tagged with it is beyond the range of your device.

This may occur if you’ve misplaced the item, it has been stolen, or it has been lost.

Tagged Item Is Being Tampered With

The AirTag may beep to alert you that it is being tampered with if someone tries to remove it from the object you have tagged. Everything you have will be safeguarded by this security measure against loss or theft.

Out-of-Date Firmware

Similar to low power, outdated firmware that prevents the AirTag from properly communicating with your device and the Find My network may cause issues. There may not be a decent possibility for firmware updates to occur unless you build the ideal environment because AirTags are typically attached to goods rather than maintained close to your iPhone.

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How To Stop Your AirTag From Beeping

If your AirTag is beeping, it can be disconnected from your device, out of range, or have a low battery. You can take the following actions to stop your AirTag from beeping:

Check Battery Level: If your AirTag is beeping, the battery might be running low. Open the Find My app on your device, then choose the AirTag you wish to check the battery level on. Replace the battery with a fresh one if it is low.

Bring Tagged Item Closer To Your Device: If your AirTag is beeping, it could not be within your device’s range. To reconnect, get the tagged item closer to your smartphone. Increase the distance between your smartphone and the object if it is still out of reach.

Reconnect AirTag To Your Device: Your AirTag may not be connected to your smartphone if it is beeping. Open the Find My app on your device, then choose the AirTag you want to reconnect from the list. To reconnect the AirTag to your device, follow the on-screen directions.

Turn Off Item Safety Alerts: The Item Safety Alerts feature may be activated if your AirTag is beeping. Open the Find My app on your device and choose the AirTag you wish to stop receiving notifications for. Turn off the Item Safety Alerts toggle under the Me tab. You can stop your AirTag from beeping and make sure it’s functioning properly by carrying out these procedures.

What To Do If Your AirTag Keeps Beeping

It might be really annoying if your AirTag keeps beeping. The measures you can take to fix the problem are listed below.

Enable Bluetooth on your phone: Apple AirTag connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) while showing the location of misplaced things. The AirTag may beep to alert you to the lost connection if you turn off Bluetooth on your phone.

  • Swipe down from the top-right corner to access the Control Center.
  • To activate Bluetooth, tap the symbol.
  • Keep your iPhone handy because AirTags rely on nearby connectivity technology. The AirTag should cease beeping once it recognizes the connection.

Replace The Battery: A low battery is the main cause of an AirTag beeping. If your AirTag is beeping, the battery has to be changed. This is how you do it:

  • Hold the AirTag so that the Apple logo is on the bottom.
  • Turn the stainless steel lid counterclockwise until it stops by applying pressure to the surface.
  • Remove the cover by lifting it.
  • Delete the previous battery.
  • Place a fresh CR2032 battery in the device, positive side up.
  • As soon as it stops turning, replace the cover.

Reconnect AirTag: Especially if the problem is connected, this is the simplest solution and usually the one that resolves most problems. Even if your AirTag still indicates that you are connected, you should still take it off and then rejoin. What to do is as follows:

  • Open Find My
  • Choose Items from the screen’s bottom.
  • Choose the AirTag you want to unpair.
  • Closely hold the AirTag next to your device.
  • After selecting Remove Item, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • All you have to do to reconnect is hold your AirTag close to your device while turning on Bluetooth. You will see a pop-up to help you with the connection procedure.

Disable AirTag’s lost mode: Did you accidentally switch on your AirTag’s lost mode? On your iPhone’s Find My app, you must turn it off.

  • your iPhone’s Find My app should be opened.
  • Select your AirTag under Items by going there. To access more options, swipe up in the menu that appears next.
  • Choose Lost Mode.
  • Turn Off Lost Mode by tapping.

Repair the AirTag: To resolve the issue with the sporadic beeping, remove your AirTag and pair it once more. It’s a useful method for resolving typical AirTag problems.

  • Open Find My and select Items.
  • Swipe up after tapping on your AirTag to reveal more settings.
  • Choose Remove Item.
  • Select Remove from the bottom pop-up menu and then confirm it.
  • Following device removal from your phone, you must configure the Apple AirTag again.

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Factory reset your AirTag manually: Use the instructions below to manually factory reset your AirTag if the above approach doesn’t work.

  • Your AirTag will stop rotating if you press the stainless steel portion at the bottom.
  • Pull both components apart, then take out and reinstall the AirTag battery. When you reinstall the battery, you’ll hear a beeping sound.
  • Five times of the same should produce another beep.
  • To secure it in place, rotate the cover and reattach it.

Update AirTag Firmware: Apple’s software upgrades for AirTags are downloaded and installed automatically, much like they do for AirPods. You can only hope for an automated firmware upgrade to occur; there is no method to manually update the firmware on your AirTag.

Before you begin, you may quickly determine which firmware version your AirTag is currently using by following these simple steps:

  • Activate the Find My app.
  • Choose Items
  • Choose your AirTag.
  • When you tap the name, the firmware version and serial number will appear.
  • You may easily promote an update if you discover that you’re still on an outdated version (check here)

An AirTag must be within Bluetooth range of your smartphone, which is typically 30 feet away, and online for an update to be successful. The length of time the update will take is unknown because it depends on a number of variables, including your download speed.

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Remove AirTag Speakers: Finally, you might be interested in this last option if nothing else has worked or if you’ve found that using your AirTag in a particular circumstance always results in beeps.

Your AirTag’s beeping will unquestionably stop if the speakers are removed, hence it is a certain fix. However, it truly depends on how you want to use the AirTag. Many folks who travel this route use their AirTag to monitor their dog or cat, therefore they don’t want any accidental beeps to frighten the animals. It also eliminates the chance of applying the AirTag to a different object, such your car keys, in a more conventional manner. However, if you can’t take the beeping any longer, there are numerous instructions on YouTube that will show you how to do this.

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