7 Reasons Why Is AirTag Not Updating Location with Solutions

In this blog post, we will discuss the most common reasons why is AirTag not updating its location, as well as some tips on how to fix the problem. We will also cover some additional troubleshooting steps that you can take if the problem persists.

What is an AirTag?

AirTags have unique Apple IDs and can be paired with Find My Device. The Find My app allows users to view their AirTag’s location on a map, even if they’re outside its range. The last known location remains visible.

AirTag’s location update feature allows users to receive Find My-enabled device updates on misplaced keys, enabling easy access to lost keys in coffee shops. Its small size and powerful tracking capabilities make it efficient.

How to Set the Precise Location of An AirTag?

There are a few requirements to meet when configuring an AirTag’s location settings. Take your new AirTag out of its packaging and turn it on before doing anything else. Now, to connect it to the AirTag, always make sure you have the most recent version of iOS installed. Connect AirTag to the phone, it’ll recognize the location and update accordingly.

Why Is My AirTag Not Updating Location?

Before finding out more about AirTags, let’s first explore the root causes and potential solutions of Why is AirTag not updating its location. AirTags connect with nearby iPhones and other Apple devices using Bluetooth technology to update their location. As a result, you can find your AirTag on an Apple device by using the Find My app. There are a few reasons Why is AirTag not updating its location, though:

AirTag Is Not Within the Range: AirTag connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, which has a bounded communication range. Your AirTag won’t be able to send your iPhone’s location if it is outside of range. An AirTag’s typical range is around 30 feet (10 meters).

Internet access is not available for AirTag: Using a function known as “Lost Mode,” your AirTag can still send your iPhone its location when it is out of range. But for Lost Mode to work properly, an internet connection is necessary. Your iPhone won’t be able to receive a location update from your AirTag if it isn’t online.

The AirTag battery is dead: Like all electronic gadgets, AirTag runs on batteries. Your AirTag won’t be able to send its location to your iPhone if its battery is dead. The AirTag battery typically lasts for a year or so.

The calibration of AirTag is incorrect: In order to track its movement, AirTag uses an accelerometer as a sensor. If the accelerometer is not properly calibrated, the AirTag may send inaccurate location information to your iPhone.

AirTag Is Not Registered To Your Apple ID: If you don’t link your AirTag to your Apple ID when you first set it up, it won’t be able to send your iPhone its location.

AirTag is not in lost mode: If your AirTag is not in Lost Mode, it won’t be able to update its location. To enable Lost Mode, go to the Find My app on your Apple device, select the AirTag, and toggle on Lost Mode.

Interference is Affecting AirTag: It’s possible that your AirTag won’t be able to update its location if other Bluetooth devices are interfering with it. To see if it helps, move your AirTag away from other Bluetooth devices.

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How Do I Fix AirTag Not Updating Location?

Here are some fixes to try if your AirTag isn’t updating its location:

Check The Battery: Make sure the AirTag’s battery isn’t running low. Replace the battery with a fresh one if it is low.

Turn on Location Services: Ensure that your device has location services turned on. For “Find My” and “Maps,” turn on the toggle switch under Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Update Your Device: Verify that iPadOS or iOS are the most recent versions available on your device. To see if there are any updates available, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Reset The AirTag: By pressing and holding the AirTag button until the light flashes white, try to reset the device. Upon releasing the button, the AirTag will reset.

Repair The AirTag: Try re-pairing the AirTag with your device if none of the steps above work. To accomplish this, first, delete the AirTag from your Find My app, then add it back in.

Connect the AirTag to your personal ID: Managed IDs are most frequently used in corporate and institutional settings. You cannot connect to AirTag with this type of Apple ID, which results in problems with location updates for AirTag. If you do have a personal ID, you can switch it to the other profile and use it there.

Fix Bluetooth And WiFi Connection: AirTags use Bluetooth to share their location, so Wi-Fi is not required for them to work. To access the desired information from the AirTag, which requires an internet connection, you must still use the Find My app or iCloud. Restarting your phone after putting it in Airplane Mode will solve this problem quickly. Your iPhone should always have Bluetooth turned on in order for the AirTag to work.

Turn Airplane Mode On and Then Off A bug in the AirTag, your phone, or the Find My app on your phone could be the cause of your AirTag’s inability to update its location. Turning on and off airplane mode will solve the problem quickly. This will reset all network connections—internet, mobile, and ultra-wideband—and fix any minor issues that might be preventing your phone’s location from updating.

Enable two-factor authentication to make your AirTag work again: To make your AirTag functional once more, enable two-factor authentication. This choice is available in the Settings App. This adds an extra layer of security, so Apple has made it necessary to establish connections.

Open the iPhone’s Settings app > click your name to access your profile > verify that the two-factor authentication toggle is enabled > If not, switch it on and follow Apple’s prompts to enable 2FA.

Update AirTag Firmware: Your AirTag may be running outdated firmware that contains bugs. To avoid any software or compatibility issues, it is always advisable to update your firmware.

Contact Apple Support for additional help if none of these measures work.

Airtag Location Stuck! How To Fix Not Updating AirTag Location!


Why is my AirTag Not Updating Location?

Normally, whenever your iPad or iPhone is nearby, an AirTag should update its location. However, if your Bluetooth or WiFi connection is unstable, you may be using a managed Apple ID, or the Find My service is turned off, and you may experience an issue with AirTag not updating its location.

How do I refresh the AirTag location?

To view a list of your AirTags, open the Find My app on your iPhone and tap the “Items” tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap on your AirTag and select “Find” if it is nearby. To get closer to the AirTag and update its location, adhere to the onscreen instructions.

How often does an Air Tag update its location?

Every one to two minutes, AirTags can update their location.

However, the number of nearby iPhones connected to the Find My network determines how frequently the location is updated. They are not real-time trackers, AirTags.

Why is my AirTag not tracking?

If your AirTag doesn’t appear in Find My,

Replace the AirTag’s battery after removing it. Replace the battery with a fresh CR2032 battery if your AirTag still doesn’t make a sound after you reinserted the battery.

Does AirTag automatically update location?

The AirTags themselves have no notion of where they are. iPhones are responsible, and the number of iPhone users in the vicinity of your AirTag also affects this. As a result, the GPS will update every 60–120 seconds when you are getting close to an area with enough iPhone users.


There are a few reasons why your AirTag might not be updating its location. If your AirTag isn’t updating its location after trying various troubleshooting steps. To prevent future location issues, keep the AirTag close to your iPhone, regularly update its firmware, and avoid using it in areas with interference. Additionally, keep your AirTag close to your iPhone and avoid using it in areas with high interference. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your AirTag is always up-to-date with its location information. contact Apple Support for further assistance.

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