Unmute Your iPhone: How to Turn Off Silent Mode on iPhone

The iPhone’s silent mode is incredibly easy to activate or deactivate. Just raise or lower the iPhone’s side-mounted mute/ringer switch. What happens, though, if the mute switch is broken? Although you can try these solutions, it is best to be aware of how to use an iPhone without a switch to activate or deactivate quiet mode. In this blog post, we will discuss how to turn off silent mode on iPhone, as well as some tips on how to turn off silent mode on iPhone.

iPhone Silencing Without Switch Using Assistive Touch

1. Open Settings, then select Accessibility.

2. Choose Touch.

3. Switch on AssitiveTouch by tapping AssistiveTouch.

4. You have two options here:

  • Customize Top Level Menu” — Choose any action and substitute “Mute” for it — then press “Done”
  • Custom Actions > Single-Tap/ Double-Tap/ Long Press return to the main menu by selecting Mute.

5. You can now pick Mute by tapping the AssistiveTouch button, depending on your decision from step one.

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Make a “Virtual” Ring/Silent Switch

  • Let’s be a bit more imaginative. We may build a fictitious Ring/Silent switch using the “AssitiveTouch” function of the iPhone. Open the “Settings” app first.
  • Next, choose “Touch” under “Accessibility” settings.
  • Toggle on “Assistive Touch” at the top of the screen.
  • The screen will show a floating button. This button by default displays a menu with up to eight possible shortcuts. Then select “Customize Top Level Menu.”
  • Replace one of the shortcuts with “Mute.”
  • The mute/unmute toggle button that appears when you access the menu now functions separately from the physical switch, while the switch can still control the modes if it’s working.
  • You can select the Single-Tap, Double-Tap, or Long Press option for the floating button if you want even simpler access to the virtual switch.
  • Although this technique necessitates the constant presence of a semi-transparent floating button on your screen, it’s a clever trick, particularly if the real switch breaks.

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Silent Your iPhone Without Using the Switch to Disable All Sounds

Disabling all audio is the first and simplest way to use silent mode on your iPhone. By doing this, you will turn off all of the audio on your iPhone, which will probably put it in silent mode. Follow the actions listed below to finish this process.

1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app and select the Sounds tab.

2. This menu item is called Sounds and Vibration Patterns. Just click it!

3. Next, you must select the None option.

4. This is where you may make your own unique iPhone ringtones.

5. You can set a quiet ringtone that has no noises for any apps or notifications if you want to mute your phone.

6. Once you’ve made a ringtone of this type, sync it with your iPhone so that you can use it. Simply mute your iPhone using that profile ringtone from now on.

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Tap Back to toggle Silent Mode on or off

Back Tap, a fantastic accessibility feature that came with iOS 14, allows you to do predetermined tasks like silent mode activation without pressing a button.

Before continuing, keep in mind that the feature is only accessible on iPhone 8 and later.

1. Start by selecting Settings Accessibility Touch.

2. Select Back Tap by scrolling down.

3. Decide whether to double- or triple-tap.

4. Select Mute from the menu.

Double or triple-tap the area behind the Apple icon on the rear of your iPhone once the action has been set.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1. How do I get my iPhone out of silent mode?

To exit silent mode on your iPhone, toggle the physical switch located on the side of the device. Push the switch towards the screen until the orange indicator disappears. This restores your phone’s sound and vibration functionality.

Q2. How do I turn my iPhone off silent when the button is broken?

If your iPhone’s silent button is broken, you can still adjust the sound settings through the Control Center. Swipe down from the top-right corner, then tap the bell icon to toggle silent mode on/off.

Q3. How do I turn on silent mode without the button?

To activate silent mode without using the physical button, navigate to your device’s settings. Look for the sound or notification section, then disable all audible notifications, including calls and messages.

Q4. How do I turn my iPhone ringer back on?

To enable your iPhone ringer, go to “Settings,” then “Sounds & Haptics.” Toggle on the “Ringer and Alerts” switch. You’ll now hear your phone ring for incoming calls.

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