Learn How to Sign Out of Apple ID and Keep Your Data Secure

Are you need to sign out of your Apple ID but are unsure of how to do so properly? To ensure your data is safe, we’ll show you how to sign out of Apple ID step-by-step in this post. These steps will let you easily sign out of your Apple ID whether you’re switching devices, selling your Apple device, or simply want to protect your privacy.

What is an Apple ID and how is it used?

To utilize any Apple product or service, you must have a current Apple ID. Your Apple ID is your primary method of accessing iCloud, making purchases, getting assistance, and using Find My to keep tabs on lost electronics and other possessions. Every time you log in to any Apple product, you’ll need an Apple ID to confirm your identity, access your account information, and ensure that your data is synced.

You can access iCloud, track and protect your iPhone with Find My, sync settings between multiple Apple devices, buy apps from the App Store, and do other operations on your Apple device thanks to having an Apple ID. You can use the Find My app to locate a lost or stolen Apple device with an Apple ID.

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How to sign out of Apple ID without password Using Settings

If you need to erase an iCloud account from your iPhone but can’t remember the associated passcode, follow these simple instructions.

  • Locate iCloud by opening settings. Tap on it to decide whether to open it. You must input any old random number when prompted to enter a password before selecting “Done.”
  • Your wrong username and password will be displayed on the page. To access the iCloud page, press the “OK” button and then tap “Cancel”.
  • Touch your account again when you’re done, and this time, remove the description before clicking “Done.”
  • Without a password this time, the main iCloud page is delivered to you! You’ll see that the “Find my iPhone” option has been automatically deactivated. Click “Delete” after you’ve finished scrolling down. To make sure you want to delete your account, you must click “Delete” one more.

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Sign out Apple ID without a password using iTunes

iTunes Without a password, you can use iTunes to log out of your Apple ID on your phone. Before continuing, it is advised that you back up your phone to safeguard your data.

  • By heading to Settings, iCloud, and toggling the switch next to Find My iPhone off, you can disable the service.
  • Your Apple ID may be found at the top of the iTunes & App Store menu in Settings.
  • You can click Sign Out in the resulting box to delete your Apple ID from your phone.

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Using iCloud, log out of Apple ID without entering a password

Depending on whether you are using a phone or a desktop computer, iCloud has two alternative methods for logging out.

On your phone

  • Open Settings and choose iCloud from the menu.
  • Click the Delete Account button, which is located at the bottom of the page, and then click it again to confirm.

On a computer

Using this technique, you can remotely delete an iCloud account from an iPhone. This is particularly useful if you purchase an iPhone from someone else and their iCloud account is still signed in. The only other option in that case would be to send the device back to the person or they would need to tell you their password.

  • Please visit https://www.icloud.com and use the Apple ID and password to log in.
  • Click iPhone Find. Choose the iPhone from which you want to delete the iCloud account under the All Devices tab. To remove an account, click.
  • After that, you can use your iPhone to create or log into a new iCloud account.

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Using AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker

Even if your Face ID or Touch ID is not working properly, you have forgotten your iOS Device Passcode or your iPhone is disabled as a result of numerous failed attempts, AnyUnlock will help you quickly and easily delete the passcode with a few clicks. AnyUnlock might disable Screen Time Passcode if your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 13 or a later version.

Don’t panic if you’ve lost your Apple ID password or purchased a used Apple device. You may unlock your phone that has been locked due to Apple ID issues using AnyUnlock’s fantastic Unlock Apple ID tool. You can unlock your iOS device’s Apple ID and set it up with a new one by following these instructions.

  • Install AnyUnlock on your computer after downloading it. Open the AnyUnlock application on your PC, then select Unlock Apple ID. 
  • On the following screen, select Start Now.
  • Sync your iOS device with your computer.

Note: On your iPhone or iPad, tap “Trust” when prompted if you’ve never trusted a computer before.

The moment your iOS device is identified, the following user interface will show up. Select the Unlock Now button when you are prepared.

  • Clicking the Unlock Now option will start the process of disabling your Apple ID right away. Before removing it from the PC, wait until the device has finished rebooting. 

Using a factory reset, log out of Apple ID

Resetting your iPhone to factory defaults is your final resort if you want to permanently sign out of Apple ID. If you don’t want to lose your data, back up your iPhone beforehand because this will delete everything off of it.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1. Why can’t I sign out my Apple ID?

If you’re unable to sign out of your Apple ID, ensure you’ve disconnected from all associated services like iCloud and iTunes. Also, check for pending updates and disable the Find My feature. If issues persist, contact Apple Support for tailored assistance.

Q2. How do I change my Apple ID and sign out?

To change your Apple ID and sign out, go to “Settings,” then tap your name, choose “iTunes & App Store,” press your Apple ID, and select “Sign Out.” To change your ID, sign in with a new account.

Q3. Can I delete my Apple ID account?

Yes, you can delete your Apple ID account. Go to Apple’s “Data & Privacy” page, sign in, and follow the prompts to request deletion. Make sure to back up your data before proceeding.

Q4. Can I sign out of Apple ID and sign back in?

Yes, you can sign out of your Apple ID on your device and sign back in. This can be done through the device settings or the App Store, ensuring you have access to your iCloud services and purchases after signing back in.


A crucial step in ensuring the security and privacy of your data is signing out of your Apple ID. These steps can help you through the process, whether you’re switching to a new device or making sure your information is secure. Remember that maintaining the security of your Apple ID makes using the Apple ecosystem simple and worry-free.

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