How to Restart iPhone 11 When Frozen

How to restart iPhone 11 when frozen You can force a restart to restore functionality to your iPhone if it is stuck, frozen, or otherwise unresponsive. No data will be lost if you forcibly restart your iPhone 11, although it may be useful if it’s frozen, won’t turn on, or needs repair.

What Should iPhone Users Know If Their Phone Freezes?

It’s critical for iPhone users to be aware that data loss may occur if their device freezes. Sutton advises users to “always enable an iCloud backup and check frequently to ensure that backups are taking place.” “While a frozen iPhone is frequently a fixable problem, there are some instances where traditional methods (such as iCloud backups, iPhone data recovery software, etc.) cannot be used to recover data. While not always achievable, data recovery in these circumstances can be an expensive ordeal. Here are several additional actions you’re taking with your iPhone that Apple experts would never recommend.

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How to Restart iPhone 11 When Frozen:

  1. Force-restarting your iPhone 11 (Pro, Max) will unfreeze it

The first step in troubleshooting is always to switch the device off and back on. However, force it to restart if your iPhone 11 (Pro, Max) stalls randomly while in normal use and neither the Volume Up nor Power buttons are responsive. This prevents the device from sliding shut and prevents the contents from being lost.

  • Press the Volume Up button briefly, then let go.
  • Press the Volume Down button briefly, then let go.
  • Keep pressing the Side button. Hold on to the device until the Apple logo shows up on the screen.

The bug that led to the iPhone 11 (Pro, Max) freezing issue should have been fixed if your device boots up without any issues.

Is there no development at all? Move on to the following strategy.

  1. Quit or Delete Unresponsive Apps

Approximately 5 to 10 seconds after I press any apps, my iPhone begins to freeze. Sometimes the gadget crashes and the screen remains unresponsive, making it impossible for me to even start the app switcher. According to the Apple Discussion Forum.

Do you hear any similarities in this? If so, there may be a number of causes to consider:

  • Software that uses a lot of memory and resources could lead to delays or improper actions.
  • The likelihood of an incompatible app crashing without opening or loaded is high.
  • It’s possible that outdated native apps are the cause of some iPhone 11 (Pro, Max) freezes and non-responsiveness.

Once, forcing the apps to close and checking for updates should help. However, if this problem continues to trouble you, uninstall the program and then reinstall it. What if it’s still broken? You’d better entirely erase it from your device.

  1. Back to the Basics – Restore the Device to Factory Settings

Reinstall iOS and restore your smartphone to factory settings if, unfortunately, all other fixes have failed to resolve the iPhone 11 (Pro, Max) freezing screen issue. Nevertheless, make sure to backup any crucial data on the device to iCloud or a PC.

But how can you use the difficult button combination to put your iPhone into recovery mode? Really, it’s all really basic.

  • Connect your device to a computer that has Finder or iTunes already set up.
  • Both the release Volume Up and release Volume Down buttons should be pressed.
  • Holding down the Sleep/Wake button while pressing it will cause the device to enter recovery mode.
  • Choose Restore from the pop-up menu in iTunes or the Finder, then follow the on-screen directions.

Feel free to try again if you accidentally hit the wrong button or are unable to access Recovery mode for other reasons. Give the restoration procedure a few minutes to finish if all the stages have been completed successfully. Set up your device as new or restore it from a backup when it restarts with all content and settings deleted.

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What if an iPhone 11 (Pro, Max) is frozen and nothing is working?

If there is physical damage to your device, you should contact Apple right away. You can email an Apple expert through the website, schedule a service appointment through Genius Bar, or visit your nearby Apple Retail Store to speak with a representative in person.

I hope this guide is helpful in getting your frozen and stuck iPhone 11 (Pro, Max) screen back to working order.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1. How do you force a frozen iPhone 11 to restart?

To force restart an iPhone 11 that’s frozen, quickly press and release the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button. Hold down the Side button until the Apple logo appears, indicating the device is restarting.

Q2. How do you unfreeze an unresponsive iPhone 11?

To unfreeze an unresponsive iPhone 11, press and release the Volume Up button, then do the same with the Volume Down button. Release the Side button after holding it down until the Apple logo shows.

Q3. How do I push restart my iPhone 11?

To restart your iPhone 11, press and hold both the side button and either of the volume buttons simultaneously. Hold them until the power off slider appears, then drag it to turn off the device. Finally, press and hold the side button again to turn it back on.

Q4. How to restart your phone without the power button iPhone 11?

To restart an iPhone 11 without the power button, go to “Settings,” tap “General,” then “Shut Down.” Afterward, connect the device to a charger or computer to power it on. Alternatively, enable “AssistiveTouch” in Accessibility settings to access a virtual button for such functions.

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