How to Refresh AirTag Location: Location Renewal

It’s time to update the location of your AirTag if you’re having problems finding it or if it’s presenting stale data. In this blog post, we will discuss how to refresh airtag location, as well as some tips on how to refresh airtag location. 

How to Refresh AirTag Location

To refresh airtag location here are some point to help:

Make sure the airtag battery is charged

Check the battery level of your AirTag device before updating its location. The AirTag might be unable to update its location if the battery is low.

Follow these instructions to check the AirTag’s battery life on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open Find My app.
  • To check an AirTag, tap on it.
  • Look under the name of the AirTag for the battery level.
  • Replace the battery with a fresh one if it is low.

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The AirTag should be moved

  • After being stationary for a while, the AirTag may stop updating its location.
  • To re-calibrate, try moving the AirTag about and see if it works.
  • Many users have successfully updated the AirTag’s location by moving it a short distance.
  • Continue with the other procedures below if relocating the AirTag doesn’t help you solve the issue.

Bluetooth must be enabled

  • As you might already be aware, AirTag uses ultra-low energy Bluetooth to function.
  • Therefore, Bluetooth is required for AirTags to function effectively. Your iPhone may not be updating the location of the AirTag if Bluetooth is deactivated.
  • If Bluetooth is already off, open the Control Centre and tap the symbol to enable it.
  • Try opening the Find My app after turning on Bluetooth to see whether the AirTag location is updated.

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On an iPhone or iPad, refresh the Airtag location

Refreshing your Airtag’s position will help you find it more quickly if you’re having difficulties finding it. Here’s how to update your iPhone or iPad’s Airtag location:

Open Find My App

  • Start by launching the Find My app on your iPad or iPhone.
  • With the help of this app, you may find your Airtag and view its current location on a map.

Refresh the location by selecting Airtag

  • Select the Airtag for which you want to update the location next.
  • A list of all the Airtags connected to your Apple ID will be displayed.
  • To refresh an Airtag, tap on it.

View Updated Airtag Location on Map

  • You can view your Airtag’s current location on a map after choosing it.
  • You can refresh the location if it is out-of-date by hitting the “Refresh” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • By doing so, you can view the Airtag’s current location on a map.
  • Try getting closer to your Airtag and refreshing the location once more if you’re still having difficulties finding it.
  • Check your Airtag’s battery life as well because a low battery can impair its capacity to update its location.
  • You may easily update your Airtag’s location and locate your lost item by following these easy steps.

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How Frequently Does AirTag Update Location?

Many users are unaware that AirTags are tracked utilizing a network of neighboring Apple devices rather than an internal GPS or tracking hardware. Since there are many other Apple devices in a crowded place, your AirTag’s location will update more frequently when you are there. It will also refresh less frequently and can lose its ability to be tracked if it is placed in a very remote area far from any Apple devices. whenever this occurs, you may still follow it by visiting the AirTag’s Last Seen location or reporting it missing so that you receive a notification whenever it enters the vicinity of an Apple device. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1. How long does an AirTag take to refresh location?

An AirTag typically takes several seconds to a minute to refresh its location. Factors like signal strength and distance from paired devices can influence the update speed.

Q2. Why is my AirTag not updating location?

Your AirTag might not update its location due to issues like a weak Bluetooth connection, a drained battery, or being out of range from your connected device. Try refreshing the connection, replacing the battery, or moving closer to your AirTag for better tracking.

Q3. How do I force an AirTag update?

To force an AirTag update, open the “Find My” app on your paired iOS device, then tap on the “Items” tab. Locate your AirTag, tap its name, and pull down on the screen to initiate a manual update.

Q4. Why does my AirTag not work from far away?

A. AirTags use Bluetooth technology to connect to nearby Apple devices. If the AirTag is not working from a distance, it could be due to obstacles, low battery, or Bluetooth interference. Check for these issues to ensure optimal performance.


The Find My app, Location Services, Bluetooth, and two-factor authentication are some of the elements that make the Apple item tracker function effectively. If one of these functions is disabled, a system bug, or a poor Wi-Fi connection, the Apple item tracker may cease updating its location.

A straightforward AirTag reset or refresh will often be helpful. In other situations, you might need to change the battery, update to the most recent Apple operating system, attempt the Airtag again, or enable Location Services in the Settings app.

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