How to Delete Apps on Apple Watch Effortlessly

If you also have an Apple Watch and your Apple Watch storage is getting filled with unnecessary apps and you want to delete them, today in this article we are going to tell you how to delete apps on Apple Watch.

How to Delete Apps on Apple Watch

  • Your Apple Watch’s home screen appears when you press the digital crown. Once your home screen appears, note whether the apps are arranged in a grid view or a list view.
  • Tap the X button to delete an app in grid view if the icons jiggle when you touch and hold the app. 
  • Using the digital crown, confirm and finish the process.

How to Delete Apps on Apple Watch via iPhone

  • You will need to open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the My Watch tab.
  • Select the app you want to remove from the Installed on Apple Watch section. 
  • If you want to delete an app, tap it.
  • Your Apple Watch’s Show App should be turned off. 

Reinstall Accidentally Deleted Apple Watch Apps

If you have deleted the app by mistake and you want to bring it back but you do not know how to do it, then we are going to tell you below how you can bring back the deleted app:

  • Open the App Store on your Apple Watch.
  • You can search for the app you want to download by typing its name into the search bar.
  • To redownload the app, click the “redownload” button (little cloud with a down arrow icon).
  • You will be able to access the app from the home screen of your Apple Watch after the app has been restored.

How to Turn Off Automatic App Downloads on Apple Watch

An important factor contributing to limited storage on your Apple Watch is the automatic app installation feature. Essentially, whenever you install an app on your iPhone that has a compatible Apple Watch version, it will automatically be installed on your watch as well. This convenient functionality ensures that you always have access to the apps you need on both devices without any additional effort. By disabling this feature, you can effectively manage your time and avoid unnecessary frustration. Taking control of your storage space allows you to have a clear overview of which apps are consuming screen real estate.

Effortlessly decluttering your Apple Watch is as simple as a few taps. Just launch the Watch app on your iPhone, head over to My Watch, and tap General. Once there, you’ll find a convenient switch called Automatic App Install. All you need to do is swipe it off and bid farewell to those pesky and unnecessary automatic downloads cluttering up your watch. Enjoy a cleaner and more personalized experience with ease! In the future, if you wish to install an Apple Watch version of an iPhone app manually, simply navigate to the Available Apps section and effortlessly tap on Install. It’s that easy!

Enjoy a clutter-free Apple Watch experience while maintaining full control over your storage space. It’s never been easier to keep things organized and make the most out of your device’s capabilities. The key to maximizing the usefulness of your Watch is carefully curating the apps you choose to install and being mindful of how automatic downloads impact your available space. By selecting only the most relevant and practical apps, you can ensure that every bit of storage is utilized for valuable content.

What are the Best Apple Watch apps?

Discover a world of limitless possibilities with the Apple Watch. While there are countless third-party apps available for download in the App Store, some of the most indispensable ones are actually pre-installed on your device. Seamlessly integrated into the Apple Watch experience, these built-in apps such as News, Camera, Mindfulness, and the ECG monitor provide unparalleled convenience and functionality right at your fingertips. Say goodbye to clutter and enjoy a streamlined user experience like never before. 

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FAQ for How to Delete Apps on Apple Watch

Q1. How do I free up storage on my Apple Watch?

Offload media: Check “Settings > General > Storage” and remove downloaded music, photos, or podcasts. Trim apps: Swipe left on the Watch app icons in “General > iPhone Storage” to uninstall or offload them.

Q2. How do I delete recent apps on my Apple Watch?

Apple Watch doesn’t show “recent apps“. Just double-press the side button to view open apps and swipe left to exit them. No deletion is needed!

Q3. How do I delete app data from Apple Watch?

>On Watch: Force Quit, then swipe left on the app in Glances view.
>On iPhone: Open the Watch app, tap “My Watch” > Installed Apps > Delete the app.

Q4. How do I edit apps on Apple Watch?

Open the Watch app, tap “My Watch,” then “App View.”
Choose “Grid View” or “List View” for layout customization.

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