Why Facetime Screen Share Not Working With Solutions

Thanks to the development of technology, communication is now easier to obtain and more practical in the digital age. Video calls are one of the most widely used methods of communication, and Facetime has become the preferred option for people using Apple devices. Users may easily communicate with their friends, family, and coworkers via Facetime, enabling in-person conversations no matter how far apart they are.

Facetime is not immune to occasional bugs and technical challenges, though, like with any technology. One of the frequent issues that consumers run into is “Facetime screen share not working.” This annoying problem can impede effective communication and stymie crucial discussions. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the most common reasons for Facetime screen share not working, as well as some tips on how to fix Facetime screen share not working on iPhone.

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Possible Reasons for Facetime Screen Share Not Working

Understanding the various causes of the Facetime screen share issue is crucial before we start the troubleshooting stages. Finding the fundamental cause might speed up the resolution procedure greatly. Several of the frequent causes are:

  • Network Connectivity: The screen share function during a Facetime call can be interfered with by a poor internet connection or erratic Wi-Fi connections.
  • Software Bugs or Glitches: Updates and software bugs can sometimes interfere with the proper functioning of Facetime screen share.
  • Incompatible Devices: Screen sharing may not be supported if one or both parties are using incompatible devices or older operating systems.
  • Privacy Settings: Improper privacy settings on your device can prevent screen sharing from functioning correctly.

Let’s move on to the troubleshooting procedures to properly fix the “Facetime screen share not working” issue now that we have a better concept of the probable offenders.

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Try These 6 Troubleshooting Methods

Facetime Screen Share Not Working, This problem has several reasons and solutions but these 6 Troubleshooting Methods are most used when someone faces this problem.

Ensure Sure SharePlay Is Enabled

If SharePlay is disabled, problems could arise. With SharePlay, fix FaceTime. On an iPhone, follow these steps to enable SharePlay:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, then scroll down to find FaceTime.
  2. After selecting FaceTime, select SharePlay.
  3. Make sure the SharePlay switch is on here. If it’s off, switch it on and give it another go.

Restart Facetime and Devices

Small bugs can often be fixed with just a restart. Try starting a new call with screen sharing again after quitting the Facetime app and restarting your device.

Reset Network Settings

You can attempt to reset the network settings on your device if the issue continues. Reset Network Settings by going to Settings > General > Reset. Remember that this will delete any saved Wi-Fi passwords, so be ready to input them again.

Sign Out Of FaceTime And Then Sign In Again

Try signing in and out of FaceTime again. Many users have found assistance by logging into FaceTime. Take these actions:

  1. Open FaceTime from settings.
  2. Below the Blue Link for Caller ID, tap Apple ID.
  3. Sign out. Wait before leaving.
  4. Use your Apple ID to log in to FaceTime SharePlay. FaceTime SharePlay requires an Apple ID sign-in. You’re nearly done.

Force Restart Your iPhone

The majority of iPhone issues are resolved with this repair. One of the most frequent issues you could have with your iPhone is FaceTime SharePlay not working.

Press the volume up and down keys simultaneously to restart your iPhone. Till you see the Apple logo, press and hold the wake button. FaceTime SharePlay should be fixed after restarting your iPhone.

Contact Apple Support

When all else fails, contact Apple’s support staff for guidance. When you contact them with specific information about your problem, they will walk you through additional troubleshooting procedures or, if necessary, escalate the situation.

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Why is my screen sharing not working on my iPhone on FaceTime?

Ensure Sure SharePlay Is Enabled

On your iPhone, open the Settings app, then scroll down to find FaceTime. After selecting FaceTime, select SharePlay. Make sure the SharePlay switch is on here. If it’s off, turn it on and give it another go.

Why is my screen sharing not working?

Open your screen-sharing app and give it another shot after clearing the cache and cookies from your device’s settings. You can force your device to restart if screen sharing suddenly stops working. Theoretically, restarting your device will give you a fresh start.

How do I enable Screenshare on FaceTime?

Only Apple mobile devices running iOS 15 and Macs running MacOS Monterey are compatible with SharePlay and screen sharing. Screen sharing is still not possible outside of Apple-to-Apple connections, despite the addition of FaceTime with Android users via a browser in the iOS 15 and Monterey releases.

Why is my FaceTime screen share not working on my Mac?

Check the FaceTime settings: If that doesn’t work, try to determine whether the FaceTime app has authorized access to the Screen Sharing feature. To do this, open Settings > FaceTime and check that Screen Sharing is enabled. Updating your equipment Make sure the most recent version of iOS or macOS is installed on both devices.


A helpful feature that improves communication is Facetime screen sharing. However, it can be annoying and cumbersome when faced with the “Facetime screen share not working” issue. You can fix the issue and continue continuous screen sharing with family, friends, or coworkers by following the thorough troubleshooting instructions offered in this article.

Remember that while technology can occasionally be unpredictable, you can conquer any challenge with the correct information and answers. Make the most of contemporary communication methods, embrace the potential of Facetime, and maintain contact.