Apple Carplay Not Working 4 Easy Steps to Solve 

Apple Carplay Not Working, With the help of Apple CarPlay, you can easily connect your iPhone to the infotainment system in your car and use a variety of applications, make calls, send messages, and more—all while keeping your eyes on the road. It might have problems though, just like any other technology. There are various actions you can take to troubleshoot and fix the issue if Apple Carplay not working as planned.

Possible Reasons for Why CarPlay is Not Working

If you’re traveling alone and have no one to help you answer a text or add an extra stop to your navigation route, having CarPlay enabled can be really helpful. Additionally, since the center console can function as a second iPhone display with fewer, larger icons, adopting CarPlay eliminates the need for you to become familiar with a new car’s interface. However, even the best functions and systems occasionally fail, leaving you to wonder why your Apple CarPlay won’t function. There are several potential causes:

  • A faulty USB cable
  • An outdated iOS version
  • Car compatibility issues
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • Integration problems between apps

Solutions for Apple Carplay Not Working

Apple Carplay Not Working Here are some solutions to fix this:

1. Ensure that CarPlay is Compatible with your iPhone

Before attempting any of the troubleshooting actions, compatibility should be checked first. It is crucial to confirm that CarPlay is compatible with your iPhone. How can the compatibility be verified? iPhone 5 or newer models running iOS 7.1 or later are compatible with CarPlay. You must upgrade to a new iPhone if you have an older model or are using outdated software.

It’s also vital to remember that not all vehicles have the same requirements for compatibility. Check your vehicle’s compatibility requirements and make sure you fulfill them.

2. Check your Car’s Compatibility with CarPlay

As you may already be aware, Apple CarPlay is not available in every vehicle. Therefore, confirm that CarPlay is compatible with your vehicle. On the website of your vehicle’s manufacturer, you can check compatibility.

3. Confirm that Bluetooth is Connected

You can use Bluetooth to connect to CarPlay if your iPhone runs iOS 9 or later and your car supports wireless connectivity. There are a few more things to verify before your iPhone is prepared to function with the CarPlay interface if CarPlay is not connecting given this circumstance.

Is your Bluetooth turned on first? If necessary, use these steps to inspect it and switch it on:

  • Go to Bluetooth in Settings.
  • Look for a Bluetooth On/Off indicator.
  • To activate Bluetooth, tap on it and move the toggle.

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4. Enable CarPlay When your iPhone is Locked

Have you ever had a situation when everything seemed to be going smoothly at first, but then abruptly and unexpectedly Car Play stopped working? The feature may be shutting off once your iPhone locks in that situation, according to the sound of things. Here’s how to examine and resolve this:

  • Go to General in Settings.
  • Click CarPlay.
  • From the list of connected vehicles, pick your vehicle.
  • Toggle CarPlay While Locked on.

5. Make Sure Restrictions Aren’t Blocking CarPlay

CarPlay might be restricted if your phone is charged but CarPlay is not functioning. Check to see if your content or privacy restrictions are preventing CarPlay from working:

  • Tap Screen Time in the Settings app after it is open. 
  • Then select Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Click on Allowed Apps.
  • Ensure that CarPlay is turned on.

6. Check Siri Settings

Because Siri is used mostly for voice commands while you’re driving, it must be turned on for CarPlay to function. By taking the following actions, you can easily resolve the car play issue:

  • Open Settings
  • Click “Siri & Search”
  • Enable the following options: When you hear “Hey Siri,” When Siri is locked, press the side button and select Allow Siri.

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7. Check the USB Cable

Wireless CarPlay is still not supported by many automobiles, despite its increasing popularity, therefore you must use a USB cable to connect your iPhone. As a result, if Apple CarPlay is not functioning while connected, try the following instead:

  • Verify that both ends of the cord for your iPhone are firmly connected.
  • Verify the USB cable’s condition by looking at it. Change the cable if you see damage.
  • Even though it’s uncommon, it’s conceivable that your automobile requires the iPhone to be plugged into a certain USB port in order to connect. If that happens, try another USB port in your vehicle.

8. Start CarPlay Again or Establish a Fresh Connection

Your CarPlay connection might have gotten corrupted over time, which is why CarPlay stopped functioning. There is a means to re-establish the connection in this instance. This is how:

  • To access CarPlay, go to Settings > General.
  • From the list, choose your car and tap Skip This Car
  • Try reconnecting your iPhone and vehicle after a fresh start.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1. How do you reset Apple Carplay?

To restart Apple CarPlay, do the following:

1. Restart the Vehicle: Turn the vehicle off, give it some time to idle, and then turn it back on.
Restart your iPhone by turning it off and on once more to reset it.

2. Verify the CarPlay settings: Go to settings on the infotainment system in your car to make sure CarPlay is enabled and set up correctly.

3. iOS update: Verify that the most recent iOS version is installed on your iPhone. If not, make changes.

4. Check for CarPlay Updates: Use the App Store on your iPhone to see if there are any CarPlay updates available.
If problems continue, refer to your car’s owner’s manual or get in touch with Apple

Q2. Why is my Apple Carplay not working but my phone is charging?

Try the following procedures to troubleshoot Apple CarPlay not working while your phone is charging:

1. Check Cable & Connection: Make sure the USB cable connecting your iPhone to the car’s USB port is secure and in working order by checking the cable and connection.

2. Restart Devices: Restart the infotainment system in your car as well as your iPhone.

3. Update Software: Make sure the software on both your iPhone and your automobile is current, as out-of-date software can lead to compatibility problems.

4. Reset Settings: Go to “Settings” on your iPhone to reset the settings. “General” > “Reset” > “Reset All Settings.”

5. Verify the CarPlay settings: Make sure that CarPlay is enabled and configured correctly on the in-car entertainment system.
Consult Apple Supp

Q3. How do I activate Apple Carplay?

Use an authorized Lightning cable to connect your iPhone to the USB port in your car in order to activate Apple CarPlay. Your car’s display should immediately display the CarPlay interface. If not, make sure your iPhone has the most recent iOS version and that CarPlay is turned on in your car’s settings.

Q4. Does CarPlay work over Bluetooth?

No, CarPlay primarily works over a wired USB connection.

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