How to Connect Airpods to Macbook Air: Step-By-Step Guide 

How to Connect Airpods to Macbook Air

Today we will tell you in this article how to connect Airpods to Macbook Air and if your Airpods are not connecting to MacBook Air then we will also tell you some tips so that you can connect your Airpods. After reading this article, all the problems of your AirPods not connecting are going to … Read more

How To Remove Airpods From Apple ID (Quick Guide)

How To Remove Airpods From Apple ID

This article’s instructions on how to remove Airpods from Apple ID. Your AirPods are linked to your Apple ID when you connect them, making it simple to locate them using the Find My iPhone app. It’s simple to remove AirPods from your Apple ID, and you can do it with either an iPhone or a … Read more

Are Airpods 3 Waterproof: Let’s Find Out

Are Airpods 3 Waterproof

The newest iteration of the adored headphones, the AirPods 3, was just announced by Apple, and it comes with some amazing new features that have many people buzzing with anticipation. But are Airpods 3 waterproof and can you take a shower while wearing the AirPods 3? Although not waterproof, AirPods 3 are water-resistant. They’ll probably … Read more